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  • View Property 3003 Willowbend Dr.  Walden Montgomery, TX (-1000)
    3003 Willowbend Dr.
    0 ft2 · 2 stories · 0 car garage
    0 bedrooms · 0.0 baths
    built in 0
  • View Property 8571 Prince William Ct Crown Oaks 02 Montgomery, TX (86343544)
    8571 Prince William Ct
    Crown Oaks 02
    5,053 ft2 · 2 stories · 5 car garage
    6 bedrooms · 5.0 baths
    built in 2010
  • View Property 19174 Grandview Pt Grandview 02 Montgomery, TX (39684347)
    19174 Grandview Pt
    Grandview 02
    4,500 ft2 · 2 stories · 3 car garage
    5 bedrooms · 5.0 baths
    built in 2007
  • View Property 3003 Willowbend Rd Walden 04 Montgomery, TX (40812974)
    3003 Willowbend Rd
    Walden 04
    2,868 ft2 · 2 stories · 2 car garage
    3 bedrooms · 2.5 baths
    built in 1986
  • View Property 18774 Grand Harbor Pt Grand Harbor 02 Montgomery, TX (90948334)
    18774 Grand Harbor Pt
    Grand Harbor 02
    4,965 ft2 · 2 stories · 3 car garage
    5 bedrooms · 4.0 baths
    built in 2005
  • View Property 9167 ESCONDIDO DR Rancho Escondido 02 Willis, TX (52022442)
    Rancho Escondido 02
    3,871 ft2 · 2 stories · 4 car garage
    4 bedrooms · 3.5 baths
    built in 1995

Experience home buying as no other real estate company can offer.

Allison and I know from personal experience that buying a home is one of the most important experiences in a person's life. That's why it should be fun and rewarding, not complicated and stressful.

Lake Conroe Realty is consistently the #1 selling real estate company in Lake Conroe because we provide each and every one of our customers an enjoyable and memorable home buying experience. Here's what such an experience looks like when you choose Lake Conroe Realty as your realtor:

1. Enjoy a personal tour of the Lake Conroe area.

For us, finding the right home for you means treating you to an unforgettable adventure by boat, by car, on foot or even by helicopter!
Tour of Lake Conroe

2. See Lake Conroe from a bird's-eye view.

Seeing is believing when you're able to take in the beautiful homes and stunning views of Lake Conroe from up above.
Aerial View of Lake Conroe

3. Embark on a delightful, guided sunset cruise on the lake.

Sit back and relax as we check out your favorite homes by boat.
Sunset View of Lake Conroe

4. Learn about our local community through first-hand experience.

Take a stroll with us down the street from our office and enjoy a cup of coffee, ice cream, or a quick meal and get to know the community.
Lake Conroe Community

5. Explore the surrounding cities and communities.

Our personal tour extends beyond Lake Conroe, including The Woodlands, Magnolia and other popular destinations in Montgomery, Texas.
The Woodlands

6. Treat your family to some fun on the lake.

Rent a pontoon, runabout boat or personal watercraft from our marina located just next door to our Lake Conroe Realty office.
Waterfront Marina

7. Benefit from our trademark personalized service and local expertise.

We not only have over 10 years of local home buying and selling experience, we also live here! Who better to show you around than your very own, soon-to-be neighbors.
Lake Conroe Realty

Let us help you find your perfect dream home in Lake Conroe.

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