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Posted On Oct 11, 2016
Big industry is still on the rise in Montgomery County, Texas.   Thanks to Entergy for creating even more stable jobs for our citizens.

Entergy Announcement, October 2016
Posted On Mar 2, 2016
We want to welcome new agent, Jessica Richard, to the Lake Conroe Realty team. Jessica is the direct representative for Motik Builders, who have been building beautiful homes in our communities since 2002. Jessica comes to us with 12 listings and we are so proud to have her inside our LCR family. Welcome Jessica!

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Posted On Feb 10, 2016
This weekend from 10 am to 1 pm

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Posted On Jan 7, 2016
Article from Community Impact News 1/6/2016 Construction has begun on a Kroger Marketplace and an adjoining shopping center that is expected to attract additional retail to the city of Montgomery. The 120,000-square-foot store broke ground this month and is expected to create 300 retail, management and construction...

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Posted On Dec 1, 2015
The Lake Conroe Realty team would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a very happy new year.  May 2016 bring you lots of joy!   Here are a few photos from our LCR Christmas party this past weekend.

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Posted On Oct 26, 2015
We are happy to announce that you now have a great alternative to your current property management and rental agent provider. INTRODUCING:  LAKE CONROE MANAGEMENT A Rental and Property Management Company A full service property management and rental company focusing on the Lake Conroe, Texas...

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Posted On Sep 23, 2015
We were forced to say goodbye to a very sweet local family this week, the Sedlmeir's.  The loss of this family of four has deeply saddened this entire community and our thoughts and prayers are with the extended family and friends who are grieving.  Today, Madeley Ranch Elementary remembered them with a...

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Posted On Sep 22, 2015
House odors can turn off buyers and limit a home's ability to sell quickly. Strong pet or cigarette odors could cause buyers with allergies or young children to walk away from an otherwise perfect home, while kitchen odors may give an impression the house isn't clean. Here are a few fragrant facts on how to...

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Posted On Jun 16, 2015
Trees can add up to 10 percent to a property’s value, according to the USDA Forest Service. They look great surrounding your home, provide shade and add texture to the curb appeal. Tall trees look pretty majestic, too, but sometimes they can be a liability to your property.  Click here to read more...

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Posted On May 13, 2015
Thank you, Madeley Ranch, for letting Mr. Yancy speak at Career Day today!   It was our pleasure!  

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